Vegetarian & vegan

Wolf excels in vegetarian and vegan food and drinks. We are the only restaurant in the area that offers a vegan high tea or high wine .

Every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we serve a vegan 3-course menu outside the regular dishes for € 27.50 pp. Nice to introduce friends, colleagues or family to vegetarian and vegan dishes.

Prefer another day? We always have a vegan soup off the menu. And various vegan breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert dishes. Even for coffee we have oat milk with tasty vegan cookies or cakes. You can also stay overnight in our vegetarian hotel.

Other allergies? We often jokingly say “no allergy is too crazy for us”. After many courses, we are able to overcome almost all allergies. It is useful to indicate in advance that you are coming and which allergy you have.

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